Steve Diggle is a singer/songwriter with the legendary band Buzzcocks writing many top twenty hits, such as ‘Promises’, ‘Harmony In My Head’ and many more. You’ll have one of his records in your collection. Sure you do!

Steve views some of his work as having political overtones, for instance ‘Fast Cars’, ‘Autonomy’, ‘Why She’s A Girl From The Chainstore’. He says “After I wrote ‘Promises’, a perfect pop song and top twenty hit, I needed to write in a way that reflected the world we live in”. Joe Strummer and Tony Wilson both told Steve they thought ‘Autonomy’ was the greatest song on the first Buzzcocks album, ‘Another Music In A Different Kitchen’. ‘Why She’s A Girl From The Chainstore’ is the favourite song of Alan Magee’s, the mastermind behind The Jesus And Mary Chain, Oasis and Creation Records.


05 THE MODCAST – Episode 5 with Steve Diggle & Welsh Pete – May 2011 by The Modcast