There comes a time in the life of every mod when they have to confront the unacknowledged influence of the elephant in the room – Quadrophenia…

The film that shaped the life of a generation: Released off the back of the punk explosion just as the burgeoning shoots of the Jam-inspired mod revival were blooming in the country’s cities and towns, Quadrophenia was probably the most important youth film of a generation. It certainly stands the test of time. A funny, emotional movie based on Who founder Pete Townshend’s memories of his early life in the Pete Meaden influenced mod scene – Franc Roddam’s teen movie was part of the late-seventies trilogy of British independent films that summed up life as a teenager in Britain, but, unlike Scum and Babylon, Quadrophenia was set in the past; in the glorious heyday of the mod scene of the mid 1960s. A massive influence on actors like Jonny Owen and Martin Freeman as well as Sondheim’s soundtrack composer David Holmes, a disparate group of teen actors shaped a celluloid classic.

Modcast guv’nor Eddie Piller and his two co-hosts Jonny Owen and Dean Rudland shine a light on the magic when they invite Quadrophenia stars Mark Wingett (Jimmy Cooper’s nemesis Dave) and Gary Shail (Spider) into the Modcast studio to ask them exactly what happened back in those halcyon days.

Actors Phil Daniels, Ray Winstone, Phil Davis, Sting, Toyah and the original Jimmy, Johnny Rotten al

l come under the microscope and the Modcast audience get the opportunity to put their favourite film quotes and questions to the pair, delivered with the Modcast’s usual laid-back humour.

Winners for Modcast 7 announced.. first up.. to win two Steve Cradock goodie bags.. Stephen Drinkwater & Peter McCamle.. in answer to the question what was Steve’s first band.. The Boys &  and the two mumper ties goes to:  Jerry Simonsson from Sweden and Douglas McPherson in answer to the question what does Mumper mean: Ponce

Episode 8 – the best one yet…