The Modcast No 5 feature Steve Diggle from The Buzzcocks and Welsh Pete alongside Eddie Piller, Jonny Owen and Dean Rudland.


Please tune in for the 5th Modcast…featuring legendary Buzzcocks founding member Steve Diggle and writer/comedian Peter Jones better known as Welsh Pete.

Fascinating banter from from Ed’s childhood hero Steve talking about recording at Olympic studios back in the day (where the Stones recorded Sympathy for the Devil), he chats about bringing theSex Pistols toManchester and what he thinks about Never Mind the Buzzcocks!.. check the Modcast to hear what he has to say.

Plus.. Welsh Pete.. talking Baldy Mods.. (a recurring theme on the Modcast!!!) .. check his pilot “Modern Life Is Rubbish” on youtube and the taster for his new show the B Team, a spoof on footie hooligans featuring our very own Mr Piller.

Diggle plays his new single “World Spinning Around” taken from forthcoming album “Air Conditioning” (330 Records) and will be playing a launch party on the 18th of May at 100 Club.

Regular cohorts Dean and Jonny play through some other top tuneage and Jonny introduces his very first Honorary Mod of the Month..

Episode 4 had Peckham Rye Ties offering up 2 scarves and 1 tie for 1 lucky winner and 5 runners up receive signed copies of previous guest Andy Lewis fantastic new album “41”.
Lucky winner of the two scarves and tie is: DARREN SWIFT
Email us at [email protected] to claim your prize.More great guests lined up and a Modcast event scheduled for June.. venue tbc.. all to be announced shortly. Here’s some info about our guests here..




‘In The Air’ single released 20 September taken from the new album, ‘Air Conditioning’ out digitally 4 October. CD released 22 November via 3.30 Records and CODE 7 Distribution.

STEVE DIGGLE is a singer/songwriter with the band Buzzcocks. He is also a solo artist and records and performs under his own name accompanied by his band ‘THE REVOLUTION OF SOUND’.

Steve has written top twenty hits, such as ‘Promises’, ‘Harmony In My Head’ and many more. You’ll have one of his records in your collection. Sure you do!

He is also very prolific with his solo work, having been the singer/songwriter with his own band ‘Flag Of Convenience’ in the 80′s, which made four albums and ten singles, before disbanding to work under his own name. Working as STEVEDIGGLE, he has made three albums to date 2000’s ‘Some Reality’ (3.30 RECORDS) 2005’s ‘Serious Contender’ (EMI Records), and now his new album ‘AIR CONDITIONING’.

STEVE DIGGLE views some of his work as having political overtones, for instance ‘Fast Cars’, ‘Autonomy’, ‘Why She’s A Girl From The Chainstore’. He says “After I wrote ‘Promises’, a perfect pop song and top twenty hit, I needed to write in a way that reflected the world we live in”. Joe Strummerand Tony Wilson both told Steve they thought ‘Autonomy’ was the greatest song on the first Buzzcocks album, ‘Another Music In A Different Kitchen’. ‘Why She’s A Girl From The Chainstore’ is the favourite song of Alan Magee’s the mastermind behind The Jesus And Mary Chain, Oasis and Creation Records.

STEVE DIGGLE and his songs have been a influential inspiration, the list of fans span generations, from Oasis to Nirvana, The Ramones to The Stone Roses, The Smiths to Bruce Springsteen, U2 to Pearl Jam. I could go on forever! So listen to STEVE DIGGLE’s new album, ‘Air Conditioning’ which is chock full of the catchy tunes you would expect but also of a lyrical content relevant to the world we live in today. Not only a proven tunesmith but also a lyricist of underrated genius!

This new album is as much to do with where Steve has been as to where he is going: “The references for this album come from The Beatles to the attitude of Bob Dylan from The Who, to The Clash, to The Kinks and to all the things we have to deal with everyday but most importantly all the things you see, live and breathe on the street.”

The single, ‘In The Air’ is about questioning your self-awareness and asking you to remind yourself of who you are. It’s a powerful reminder that so much intuitive and lyrical insight is missing from much of today’s ‘pop’ music. As Steve says, “Most bands these days are Blue Peter presenters with guitars. There’s too much McDonalds and not enough heroes, myths and legends in the music business!”

‘Air Conditioning’ features songs that deal with current world events, tracks like the first single, ‘In The Air’, ‘Planet Star’ (about our own beloved Earth), ‘World Spinning Round’ and ‘Sparkle Of The Sun’ have lyrics with a political twist, merging concerns about global warming, globalisation and the rampantrise of commercialisation in modern culture. Wonderful tunes are plentiful such as ‘Listen To Your Tambourine’, and the hope and inspiration of’ ‘Victory Road’, and ‘Hey Maria’! As with all the best pop music Steve Diggle’s new album will make you listen, make you think and perhaps even inspire you!




Pete Jones’s mod odyssey began in 1994 when he moved to London from South Wales and worked in a well-known Carnaby Street mod emporium during the Britpop years, and later played guitar in various bands most notably Kill City on Alan McGee’s ‘Poptones’ label.

Touring with The Libertines inspired Pete to write a fly-on-the-wall book about theband, with whom he remains good friends, which became a bestseller and appeared in Mojo’s Top 5 Books of 2005. Pete also appears in the forthcoming movie ‘The Libertines: There Are No Innocent Bystanders’ by legendary NME photographer Roger Sargent.

Pete is currently working with Modcast’s own Jonny Owen – co-writing and appearing in football hooligan spoof ‘The B-Team’ and his own ‘Modern Life is Rubbish’ an internet comedy about a mod who’s losing his hair. It is, says Pete, “totally autobiographical, sadly.”