April’s episode had return guest Mark Baxter on talking about his film out now Outside Better alongside seminal actor Phil Davis. Just a fraction of his credits include: Vera Drake (Bafta nominated), Chalky in Quadrophenia, Brighton Rock, Whitechapel, Secrets and Lies and now Outside Bet.  Phil also chatted about the re-release of Cult film ID (directed by Phil) and youth culture in the 70s.

Episode 16 Competition had another previous guest Ian Dewhirst offering up 3 copies of his Philadelphia International Classics.. The Tom Moulton Remixes.  Winners are Mark Young in Kent,  Joan Stevenson and Tim Hayes.. email us at [email protected] to claim your prize..

Tracks played this month are:

  • Paul Weller “No Need to Be Alone”
  • New Street Adventure “Hanging On Hanging Up”
  • The Conroys “We Are Lions”
  • Men of the North Country “The North”

And don’t forget to get your ticket for Darlington Event in Friday 15th June.. Modcast presents Quadrophenia special with film, Q&A and djs.. go to. www.theforumonline.co.uk

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