Another cracking episode has 80s Mod entrepreneur/publisher and rnb DJ Paul Hallam and co-guest Legendary DJ Musician, author and DJ Snowboy joining Eddie and Dean for another chinwag on all things Mod and beyond.

Winner of the “coverted” covert coat is Ross White from Edinburgh with this correct answer .. “The three stripes represent three naval victories of Admiral Nelson; namely Trafalgar, The Nile, and Cape St. Vincent. I also found out that the stitching was to reinforce the cuffs and waist area of a riding jacket (made of the material covert) as these areas were always the first to wear after riding through thick brush etc. Nice one and congrats Ross.. email us for your prize!

We had a massive response to our AGC (Art Gallery Clothing  comp…. and the winner is Martin Veal..

Check this months Modcast for new prize

Also.. The Modcast are heading down to Stitch to record their first (of many) outside broadcasts.. talking to the designers exhibiting in Islington this Sunday .. check it out if you can.. If you can’t make it.. listen in when we get it up online!

Tracks featured on this edition:

  • Ray Charles – Baby Don’t You Cry (one of the big records at Snowboy’s club)
  • Picture Atlantic – Joust (demo from one of our US listeners)
  • Los Charly’s Orchestra – My Barrio (new release)
  • Floyd White – Finders Keepers (from Mod Jazz Forever comp)

Working on the shop right now so standby to buy goodies asap..