Welcome to our new sponsors Peckham Rye who have a fantastic prize (coming up in our christmas special) to launch their new sister range Tommy & Charlie Mccarthy (their original family name) .. more on Episode 12.

Multi Olympic Gold Medallist for cycling and Top Mod Bradley Wiggins joined the Eddie, Jonny and Dean on Episode 11 in November for an insight into the life of a top athlete and life growing up as Mod and influences alongside top broadcaster, ex Kiss FM JD and Sports podcaster himself.. Mark Webster..

Listeners offered up their fave hairdressers.. check them out if you’re in the vicinity..

  • Seda at KiwE1 in Liverpool St London take fine care of wings from Chris Dunn
  • Episode 10 hairdressers in Glasgow.. see Tony Wright.. from Ian Gregson
  • The Nuthouse in ashington, northumberland – Bri the barber is a legend from Nick Carruthers..
  • Acefacebarbers, in great barr Birmingham. Does fab haircuts, has a totally mod themed shop and runs mod nights at the victoria inn and the cross Moseley.

Episode 12 have legend Marshall Chess joining the team with top music industry Mod from Sweden.. Fredrik Ekander of Cosmos Music